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    5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Make Sure Your WordPress Theme Is Secure

    Did you know that problematic themes represent one of the top three security vulnerabilities for WP sites? While a good theme offers flexibility and customization, you need to choose one carefully based on a strict checklist of factors - including security.

    Otherwise, it can be easy for hackers to create backdoors to your website so as to compromise confidential data or spam your customers. 

    Read on about the top five questions that you can ask yourself, in order to find the best theme based on the reputation of the author, structural checks, vulnerabilities, support features, and cost.

    Is This Theme Too Cheap? 

    As there are over 5,000 free WP themes, it can be tempting to go for this option. However, free WP themes are actually the best bait for hackers to gain access to your site. 

    For example, some free themes come with a hidden agenda such as embedding malware on your website. While it is untrue that every theme creator wants to attack your website, most of them will simply not add security measures to their work for free. 

    In short, if the theme is cheap or cost-free, your risk for security breaches goes up. You can avoid it by paying for a premium theme that comes with its own setup, support, sales, customization, and security features tailored for your business. 

    Is The Author Credible? 

    The internet is full of bootlegged, nulled, or outdated themes. While a genuine theme is designed to ensure seamless tools for designing your website, the other could open a backdoor to hackers. 

    The first thing to do when screening a theme is to check the background of the author that created the theme. Choosing trusted sources will ensure that your website will be safe. 

    You might find many themes developed by one person or a team, though themes developed by communities, groups tend to be more reliable and are often recommended by experts. 

    There are times that themes get sold to new companies. In such cases, you need to do a background check on the agency before trusting them with your business. Do not forget also to test the theme before you deploy it.

    Does This Theme Pass A Theme-Structure File Check? 

    The next crucial parameter that determines the compatibility and effectiveness of a theme is a test related to structure files. 

    Whether you choose a colorful theme or a grayscale option, WP themes offer a standard and well-structured set of elements that describe the appearance and functionality of your site. This means that you can quickly access the code to check if the theme of your choice violates any standards or protocols. 

    Themes with irregular data or files must be taken as a warning sign and you can crosscheck suspicious WordPress Hosting themes via If you notice any of your shortlisted themes on the warning list, it is best to assess the file and settings that raise suspicions closely. 

    If you get lost, you can always hire an experienced WP expert to figure out if the flagged content is credible or not.

    Are There Any Viruses Or Vulnerabilities In This Theme?  

    One of the deciding factors on the safety of a theme is a virus scan. Use a trustworthy application to scan the files and data of a theme to detect security threats and risks.

    You need to do so without fail because hackers typically sneak malware into free themes. Moreover, smart backdoors are often invisible to theme checks, unlike virus scans.

    Typically, modified files often contain corrupted snippets such as viruses that are hidden in plain sight. On the other hand, a reliable virus scanner can identify it in its untriggered document form. 

    Using a virus scanner detects any hidden threats and when such a thing happens you have the following two options to choose from.

    • Hire a competent WP team to fix it for you 
    • Switch to a safer theme 

    Does This Theme Offer Support? 

    Considered an indispensable qualification criterion when picking WP a theme, direct support from the author is one of the most attractive features for small business owners.

    This is because it is common to discuss issues with the theme developers as an active community.

    Whether it is about security configurations or installation issues, it is great to be able to ping the developer for directions at any step. 

    This helps webmasters to troubleshoot theme issues and also reassures them that the author is actively enhancing or updating the theme.

    Also, if you make unique changes or request special updates, theme developers often go the extra mile to help out.

    Summing Up

    WP themes contain all the elements to make your site look great and work smoothly.

    Look for a paid theme from a trustworthy designer or team, and conduct theme checks and virus scans to establish safety.

    Remember to look for themes with support features to get help when you need it.