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    Is The Cloud Hosting Hype Justified?


    One of the best advances in the world of hosting is cloud computing. By setting up your site through such a server, you get access to the most advanced technology. It offers unparalleled speed and seamless features to ensure 100% uptime.  

    Read on to find out how cloud outsmarts other servers with its performance, usability, security, freedom, costs, risk management, and so forth. 

    Benefits Of Cloud Hosting 

    This hosting works by distributing your data to remote servers around the world. In this way, your site stays up and running at all times. 

    Here are nine features that make it the best option.


    This type of hosting promises upwards of 3x speed and high-grade performance. This is because it doesn’t weigh down on a single server all at once. The workload is distributed among several servers to help users access the data quickly. This works because content delivery networks (CDNs) can host resource-heavy-data like videos and images. 

    Hence, it can decrease the page load time by locating and transmitting data from servers closest to visitors. 

    Ease Of Access

    The benefits of this service aren’t limited to public use. Business owners can use it for data delivery as well. For example, if your business has multiple branches, this system can help all the parties access data regardless of their location. It saves businesses from having to store data on individual computers. 


    Cloud is next-to-invincible because it comes with built-in redundancy and continuous security enhancements.

    The best thing about this server is it uses mirroring to strengthen the security of your information. Such a process mirrors your data on three devices at a time to prevent loss due to hardware malfunctions.


    Over 20% of admins are concerned about the startup costs of cloud servers. On local servers, you pay extra for every little feature. However, the best cloud hosting comes pre-configured with value-added features. You get migration, resource monitoring, and managed services for free. 

    In fact, 50% of IT chiefs and CIOs claim cloud computing’s best benefit is the cost savings. While it might look identical to the costs of VPS in a single glance, cloud-services on most service providers follow a ‘pay-as-you-use’ model. 


    Promising maximum freedom and convenience to do more, the cloud package extends your control, unlike a local server. It’s significant because flexibility can improve efficiency by 18.80%, according to the Vanson Bourne report.

    Whether you want extra storage space or bandwidth, this hosting service can make this happen without any hassle. Over 65% of businesses consider the capability to scale up or down easily as one of the top reasons to switch to this host.  

    Streamlined Collaboration 

    Clouds can bring diversely situated people into one virtual workspace to create, share, modify, or collaborate together. Today, there are platforms that offer exclusive spaces designed to improve virtual teamwork.

    Since this happens in real-time via shared storage disks, it decreases the time-to-market by over 20%. As a result, product development of your business also speeds up.  

    Disaster Recovery And Management 

    With a cyberattack happening every 39 seconds globally, data security is crucial for all businesses. Cloud is the best option because it secures and brings back your data in the quickest time possible. Thanks to its data mirroring feature, data on this server remains safe and secure.

    Over 20% of cloud users say data recovery takes less than four hours, in contrast with 9% of non-cloud users. That’s why 43% of IT execs are aiming to improve their disaster management processes for cloud-hosted sites.


    This hosting is good for the environment. It uses virtual channels to create services rather than use hardware with limited resources. According to the Pike Research report, the energy consumption of data centers is expected to drop by 31% by the end of 2020 due to cloud servers. 

    Competitive Edge

    Not every person adopts this server from the get-go. However, these servers are way better than the local ones based on performance, security, and usability.

    A Verizon study showed that over 77% of business owners feel this hosting offers an upper hand over their competitors. 16% of webmasters also agreed that this advantage is crucial for their business. 

    Bottom Line 

    Cloud hosting improves the speed of your site, is easy to use, improves uptime, and reduces hosting costs. Its top feature is the collaboration opportunities it offers. It’s also excellent for building a safe and secure website for your customers. Additionally, cloud servers are environment-friendly and more efficient than local servers.

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