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    When It Comes To WordPress Hosting, Here Is What You Must Look Out For


    If you’ve chosen WP, congratulations because it backs more than one-third of all websites. However, its popularity is also the reason cybercriminals attack WP more often than others. That’s why you must find the most secure web host. It’s crucial because 41% of these attacks are due to the fault of the hosting platform. 

    On top of it, the same platform powers 14.7% of the world’s 100-best sites like NBC and CNN. Everything you need to know about WP hosting including the things to consider when picking a web hosting service is revealed ahead.

    What Is WordPress Hosting? 

    When a server is optimized for WP from the ground up, this is what the hosting package is called. It’s tailored for maximizing the performance, security, scalability, and so on for WordPress sites. 

    Here are two types of this server: 

    • Shared: This is when you share the server resources with other WP sites 
    • Managed: This solution comes with bonus features and technical support 

    Things To Consider When Choosing A WP Hosting 

    Before you finalize on a hosting service provider, take a look at the essential factors you’ll need. 


    According to a study by Sucuri, the total infected WP sites went up from 74% in 2016 to 94% in 2019. With the advancement in technology, cyberattacks are also becoming ironclad. 

    That’s why you need powerful hardware, software, and constant monitoring to protect a WordPress site. Go for a managed option if you don’t want to manage security on your own. 

    Here are the top security features to look for:

    • Site monitoring and malware scans  
    • Security updates 
    • Hardware firewalls 
    • SSL certificate 
    • IP Whitelisting
    • Data encryption and protocols 
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Brute force detection
    • On-demand options to scale
    • Automated regular backups 


    Uptime is the first sign of a reliable service provider. Anything above 99.9% is a favorable uptime for WP sites. Most importantly, remember that downtime translates to a loss of traffic, sales, and so forth.

    For example, 99% of uptime leads to 3.65 days of downtime per year. On the contrary, 99.9% uptime results in just 8.77 hours of downtime annually. 

    Take a look at the service features your site needs. 

    • Free migration 
    • CDN boost
    • Uptime commitment  
    • Notifications during problems 
    • Backup retrieval and restoration
    • Money-back guarantee 
    • Specialized technical support


    When it comes to the loading time, 83% of visitors expect your site to load in less than three seconds. If your page speed is subpar, website visitors will only stay for 15 to 20 seconds. 

    With the average web page visits lasting less than a minute, page speed is very crucial nowadays. In fact, merely increasing 1% of the speed can shoot up your page conversion rates by 7%. 

    The ideal load time for websites today is one to two seconds. In addition to minimizing the load time on your own, choosing a managed web host with multiple data centers, caching tools, CDN, and so on also helps.


    While every business owner hopes and tries to boost their sales by giant strides, most forget to prepare for it. For new and small business sites, the virality of content may happen at any time if you’re running several campaigns at once. 

    To combat crashes and downtimes due to traffic surges, choose a host that can increase your resources quickly based on your needs. 

    Instead of signing up for an enormous hosting package, site owners can get a managed WordPress hosting service provider. This solution will take care of the changing requirements of your WP site without the hassles. 

    The good news is vendors like Kinsta already have automatic scalability on enterprise-grade plans. 

    Top 3 Best Wordpress Hosting Proviers

    • Bundled Free Services
    • No Limits on Bandwidth
    • Faster Load Times
    • Amazing Support Team
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    • Independently Owned Datacenter
    • Emphasis on Migration
    • Freebies Galore
    • Strong Support Team
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    • Great toolkit
    • Unlimited emai
    • Free SSL
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    Bottom Line 

    WP sites are prone to more cyberattacks than any other platform. Therefore, you’ll need a good web host with well-rounded features.

    Look for security features such as SSL, brute force detection, and malware scans. Then, move onto service options like money-back guarantee, reliability, and so on. 

    Next, ensure the service provider ensures above 99.9% uptime with a guarantee. Finally, you’ll need a web host that can expand your resources as-and-when you need it.