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    The New Trends in Web Hosting

    As the web hosting arena continues to develop, web hosting providers now commonly include an Ecommerce hosting option given the differences between standard hosting and Ecommerce hosting. Ecommerce hosting requires certain features and functionalities that enable the owner of a commercial website to seamlessly carryout business. Such features include SSL, shopping carts, payment services, database support, and security.

    To meet these stringent demands, Magento stands out as one of the most popular Ecommerce web hosting platforms. A reason for its growing popularity centers around Magento’s constant updates of its themes and templates. Moreover, entrepreneurs can expect the following hot new improvements.

    Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot

    AI and chatbots have become an integral part of Ecommerce and represent an invaluable tool for helping online sellers spot trends while concurrently providing more personalized shopping experience for buyers.

    More Mobile Friendly

    Consumers increasingly prefer shopping online over a trip to the store. Critically, when it comes to shopping online, the most popular device used by a majority of shoppers is the smartphone. Magento excels in this area by aiming to make the shopping experience more mobile friendly and agile.

    Push Notifications Power

    Magento offers tailor made push notification options for online shoppers. This allows online sellers to send customized notifications based on customer buying patterns. The main benefit of push notifications is keeping existing valuable customers engaged.

    Quality Content and Images

    Quality content and images consistently attract more customers. There are plenty of different Ecommerce websites, but research proves that online shoppers will tend to open websites with great quality content and attractive images.

    Personalized Shopping Experience

    Online buyers still want personalized shopping experience. With Magento web hosting, online sellers can create customer specific websites which helps to attract the right type of buyers. Push notifications allow sellers to send customer specific emails based on data from previous shopping patterns, tailoring a better experience.

    More Organic Searches

    By making it simple to build an Ecommerce website, Magento goes above and beyond the normal web construction expectations. By providing a smart search feature, Magento makes it easier for online shoppers to uncover Magento websites.

    Key Takeaways

    Thanks to mobile friendliness, the inclusion of AI and chatbots, push notifications, and assisting customers with finding Magento sites, Magento web hosting is helping Ecommerce expand its footprint in the growing online marketplace.