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    The Comeback Of Static Web Hosting Services

    Static Web Hosting Services

    The first pages on the internet were all static pages. Dynamic websites began to replace these pages once languages like Ruby, Python, and PHP came into use. Today, most web pages are dynamic. However, a good majority of websites online are better off as stationary sites.

    The following article will simplify static sites, its top benefits, how it differs from dynamic sites, and the top five hosting providers for this type of hosting. 

    What Is A Static Website? 

    A static website is a site with fixed pages. Additionally, its fixed layout is displayed similarly to all its users. Put simply, requests are limited to read-only files on the server.

    On the contrary, dynamic sites are database-driven sites filled with moving elements that vary based on user actions. 

    Benefits of Static Websites 

    A decade or two ago, it was considered groundbreaking to have moving gifs and flashy icons on sites. However, not all websites need to be dynamic nowadays. 

    Below are six perks for flat web pages:

    • Performance: Without the web application interfering middleman, your site records 10x higher speed than database-driven sites with CMS
    • Cost: Stationary web pages occupy less space than their counterparts because they’re HTML files. Hence, it costs less to host and develop these web pages 
    • Security: A flat site eliminates code injection attacks due to the lack of databases 
    • Duration: It takes less time to develop a flat site than it does a dynamic one 
    • SEO: Search engines index stationary web pages quickly because it’s built with HTML or CSS 
    • Scalable: You can scale-up flat websites easily by raising the bandwidth 

    Static Website Vs Dynamic Website 

    Here are the significant differences between the two types of websites:

    • Informational vs functional: A stationary website provides static information. However, the content on a database-driven site is functional. It changes with user actions 
    • Ease of use: When it comes to a stationary site, you’ll need nothing more than HTML. Conversely, you’ll need complex editors like IDE to create the other type of site  
    • Technical differences: Flat web pages are built with HTML and CSS, unlike dynamic alternatives which use newer options such as PHP or JSP
    • Maintenance: Dynamic websites require very little upgrading on your end while stationary sites are tough to upgrade on your own  
    • Loading time: When the elements change with user actions on a dynamic page, the processing time also increases. That’s why stationary sites load the markup language faster than their rivals

    Top 5 Static Web Hosting Services 

    Get started with static web hosting by comparing the five different service providers below. 

    • Hostinger: Packages start at $0.99 for building flat URLs. Members get unlimited storage and databases on this platform. It comes with a site builder, daily/weekly backups, SSL certificates, and custom cPanel for free. Their 30-day money-back guarantee offers a risk-free sign-up
    • iPage: Stationary site hosting on iPage starts at $1.99. It offers unlimited bandwidth, space, and email addresses. Additionally, it comes with shopping cart solutions and a free domain inclusive of Google marketing features. You can try this service provider without any fears, thanks to their 30 days refund guarantee
    • HostGator: If you want to create flat sites for years at a time then choose HostGator. It offers attractive discounts for long-term commitments. You can also get a year of free domain registration, SSL certificates, and blogging tools. Unlimited hosting tools like bandwidth, storage space, and emails are complimentary with your package. Prices start at $2.64 on HostGator
    • BlueHost: This is a sought-after service provider for its world-class performance. It offers static hosting for sites starting at $2.95. With this platform, you’ll get the Weebly site builder, Cloudflare CDN, free domain, and unlimited disk space. Combined with their 30-day refund guarantee, this is the best choice for SMEs 
    • A2 Hosting: Promising unlimited domains, email addresses, and databases at $3.92 per month, this is a web host with premium features. You also get cache optimization and advanced security tools like free HackScan. It’s recommended for beginners because of its responsive customer support that’s always available via live chat and phone 
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    • Intuitive Custom Dashboard
    • PHP7 Enabled
    • Free Domain on Sign Up
    • Great toolkit
    • Unlimited emai
    • Free SSL
    • Compatible with a wide range of databases
    • Over 400 app integrations
    • Boost SEO with SiteLock
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    Bottom Line 

    Static websites are fixed HTML or CSS pages that won’t change with user interactions. They improve the security, speed, and SEO ranking of the site. Moreover, these sites are a more affordable option and require less time to set up. 

    When it comes to technical differences, stationary web pages are easy to use and build. Maintaining a dynamic website may be easy, but the loading time of the flat web page will be infinitely better.