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    How To Save On Hosting In 2020 With The Best Deals

    How To Save On Hosting

    Finding a compatible web hosting service that meets your budget and technical requirements isn’t a walk in the park. One wrong choice can jeopardize your business in the long-run. If you don’t want to endanger your work or make costly mistakes, pick one of the top five web hosting services for your site today. 

    The Best Hosting Deals Of 2020 

    Trying to narrow down the best web host? Instead of going through hundreds of deals, distinguish the merits and demerits of the top cheap web hosting with the following list. 

    Cheap Hosting Site
    • A2 Hosting Coupon
    • A2 Hosting VPS
    • A2 Hosting Promo Code
    • Great toolkit
    • Unlimited emai
    • Free SSL
    • Good for coding beginners
    • Advanced website builder
    • Over 400 apps on offer
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Ideal for coding beginners
    • Free site migration
    • Fast Loading Times
    • Intuitive Custom Dashboard
    • PHP7 Enabled
    • Free Domain on Sign Up

    A2 Hosting 

    A2 Hosting is a sought-after web service for its above-average speed and performance. It comes with free automatic backups for your site. It’s popular for its advanced tools like staging area and server-side caching on high-tier plans. The best thing is members also get an anytime money-back guarantee. 

    Pros and cons: 

    • Above-average speed: Offers data centers in Asia, Europe, and America. Therefore, it’s an excellent match for businesses with worldwide audiences 
    • Unlimited hosting: Storage space and bandwidth are unmetered 
    • Additional fee: Watch out for its additional fee on server migration between data centers and on-demand backups 


    • Shared plans start at $2.96 every month
    • VPS packages cost $5.00 or more per month
    • The dedicated option is priced at $99.59+ every month  


    One of the best affordable web hosts today, Hostinger has a wide variety of packages for all types of businesses. All its plans come with SSL certificates. If you choose premium tiers, you’ll obtain unlimited databases, bandwidth, and so forth. On top of it, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

    Pros and cons: 

    • Custom cPanel: Unlike their rivals, Hostinger comes with an intuitive control panel called ‘hpanel’ 
    • 9% uptime guarantee: If addition to its good uptime, it also offers a service-level guarantee with partial refunds 
    • Lack of free daily backups: For additional backups, members need to pay an extra amount of $0.95 every month 


    • Shared plans start at $0.99 per month
    • VPS packages cost $3.95 and above per month


    This service is best for beginners due to its easy-to-use features. Moreover, members can also choose from varied membership lengths. From delivering ideal UX to compatibility with multiple programming languages, this service provider is good for beginners and professionals alike. HostGator also has its own website builder. 

    Pros and cons: 

    • Uptime guarantee: HostGator delivers on their 99.9% commitment so you won’t have to worry about losing visitors or potential customers 
    • Unmetered hosting: No matter the plan you pick, disk space and bandwidth will no longer be your worry 
    • Long-term commitment: One disadvantage is you’ll have  to sign up for a prolonged plan to enjoy the premium features 


    • Shared plans start at $2.75 every month
    • VPS packages cost $19.95 and above per month
    • Dedicated option starts at $89.98+ every month  


    Namecheap beats its competitors on prices and features. It has two data centers, one in the United States and one in the United Kingdom. Additionally, members can host multiple sites for low rates without any compromise on the performance. 

    Pros and cons:

    • Matchless uptime: 100% DELL PowerEdge™ M1000e Blade Enclosure, get a month of free hosting if they fail on their promise 
    • Reliable: This service provider doesn’t hike the price of its packages after the first payment as others do
    • No CDN: Since this service offers no content delivery network, you’ll have to set one up on your own 


    • Shared plans start at $1.44 every month
    • VPS packages cost $8.88 or more per month
    • Dedicated option starts at $44.88+ every month  


    Considered the best choice for ecommerce business owners, InMotion is popular for its specialized customer service. Combined with its premium security, this is a perfect choice if you’re new to hosting. Moreover, this web company also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

    Pros and cons:

    • Premium freebies: You get free SSL certificates, automatic backups, and migration upon signing up
    • Integrated cPanel: Eliminate multiple logins for billing and domains 
    • Absent CDN: Site owners must keep in mind that this service provider doesn’t offer any content delivery network 


    • Shared plans start at $2.49 every month
    • VPS packages cost $22.99 or more per month
    • Dedicated option starts at $139.99+ every month  

    Bottom Line             

    Choosing a good web host for your business site takes a lot of research. However, if you ask the experts, A2 Hosting offers the best options at a cheap price without risks. Hostinger will be the cheaper choice. Namecheap also provides valuable services at affordable costs. If you’re a beginner, go for HostGator. If you’re in need of a long trial period, go for InMotion.