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    The Case For Opting For Dedicated Hosting

    Dedicated Hosting

    If you want maximum security and high speed for your business, dedicated hosting is the way to go. The main attraction of this server is the complete control it offers over hardware to software selections. 

    Read on to find out the four crucial reasons why dedicated hosting is the best option.

    What Is Dedicated Hosting? 

    Every site needs a server in order to exist online. While shared hosting is cheap, it divides one server among several websites which exposes your site to cybercriminals. 

    Dedicated hosting on the other hand transfers the full ownership of the server to you. 

    Take a look at the pros and cons of dedicated hosting below.

    • Performance: Unlike other hosting packages, this hosting plan is reliable when it comes to traffic surges 
    • Cost: The average cost of this plan ranges from $100 to $200, making it the most expensive option available in the market
    • Security: Paying more for dedicated hosting translates to first-rate security features 
    • Proficiency: While web hosts offering shared plans take care of the admin tasks, the premium plan requires you to manage the server on your own. In such a case, opt for managed dedicated hosting 
    • Support: While technical expertise is a must for managing this server, dedicated plans come with special support teams. You can get help with anything at any time

    How Does It Work? 

    In the hosting plan hierarchy, a dedicated package holds the highest features and functions. 

    It’s easy to understand how the premium server works. 

    For example, if dedicated hosting is a house-on-rent, shared hosting is akin to renting a room in that house. The attraction of this plan for business owners is that they have a say in the selection of software and physical parts of the server. Put simply, you can customize the server exactly as you’d want with such a plan. 

    Here’s how it works.

    Start by picking hardware parts like RAM, processors, storage disks, security tools, and so on. Users then select the software specs related to the operating system such as CMS and shopping cart solutions. Then add any additional specs and complete the purchase. 

    Why Going For Dedicated Hosting Is The Best Option 

    Dedicated hosting is a premium option over cheaper hosting plans. It comes with unique benefits that you won’t find elsewhere. 

    Take a look at four of its top advantages below. 

    High Traffic Levels        

    Are you experiencing subpar performance on your site lately? When your hosting plan fails to accommodate the rising amount of data your site creates, it’s best to switch to dedicated hosting.

    For example, when one of the countless sites on a shared plan experiences high-traffic, all the other sites suffer. Alternatively, site owners may drain the storage space or struggle when creating new content with few assets.

    That’s why the premium plan with sufficient resources will guarantee the best performance for popular and established sites.

    Speed And Uptime 

    If your website keeps crashing, it might be time to look into the premium hosting option. 

    Sites running on web hosts without ample resources often face restrictions on the number of visitors who can access their site. Additionally, the website’s loading time becomes extremely slow. A slow loading site negatively impacts the experience of users. 

    Such a problem is common for shared servers since it manages thousands of sites in one place. With a dedicated host, admins can get the highest uptime by using browser caching, image compression, lazy loading, and so forth. 

    This plan is ideal for small businesses and ecommerce sites. 

    Sensitive Industries And Data 

    No matter what you do, your site will always be vulnerable when it shares the server space with other sites. It can be used by hackers and malicious programs to create backdoors into your site. 

    When it comes to the premium hosting plan, you choose the security protocols. Combined with the host’s own security protocols, you can create ironclad firewalls to safeguard your business. Therefore, this is a server best for websites that deal with sensitive data. 

    Full Customization 

    A dedicated server can offer total control to its site owners because it comes fully-personalized for your site. Admins get a chance to build their own servers. This includes personalizing location, OS, RAM, server settings, and other countless specifications.  

    You can also make big-to-small changes to the hardware and software if you need to scale up or downsize later on. 

    Bottom Line 

    The dedicated plan is the best in the industry because it offers total control over the server. That’s why it’s recommended for businesses focused on superlative security, the fastest performance, and best uptime. While it’s costly, you can customize a dedicated server at length unlike VPS or shared servers. 

    There are key things to consider when choosing a server plan. Look into an operating system such as Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux, and so on. Keep in mind your ideal server configuration and software preferences. 

    Finally, remember to check hardware costs concerning RAM, storage disk selection, processors, and so forth. Knowing what control center options and security features you need is also crucial.