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    What Is a Web Host Manager On VPS?

    Virtual Private server and binary code. 3d rendered illustration.

    If you are thinking about optimizing your website based on a VPS hosting plan, a Web Host Manager (WHM) could certainly help you out. 

    A WHM adds elements of manageability to your website and contributes to its smooth performance. The cPanel will help to manage several domains and websites, and working on administrative tasks becomes much easier overall. 

    The primary aim of using a WHM along with VPS hosting is because it gives you more control. 

    What Is A WHM? 

    A WHM is a robust program that permits administrative access to the user side of the cPanel. Using it enables you to make sure your website is running smoothly, as well as maintaining it and adding flexibility. Here are some additional benefits you can enjoy while using WHM. 

    • You can manage multiple websites with ease.
    • By streamlining the credit card processing on your website, your SSL certificate helps to keep all transactions safe and secure through encryption. 
    • It becomes possible to sort your websites into different categories, which is efficient as well as adds layers of privacy.
    • A WHM increases website security as it protects your website from hackers.
    • You will be able to monitor your bandwidth usage and adjust it accordingly. This can save you money by upgrading only when you truly need to. 
    • Disk space will be managed to allocate your resources most efficiently.

    What Is A VPS?

    A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is among the most common hosting choices for websites. VPS works with virtualization technology that gives you private and dedicated resources, at an affordable price. 

    Compared to other hosting solutions, VPS is quite stable and secure as you are allocated private server space. Additionally, it is much easier to manage when compared with a dedicated server plan, for example. 

    Here are some of the most striking benefits:

    • This hosting plan is perfect for scalability, as you can increase your usage as you grow.
    • Seeing as a portion of the server is dedicated solely to your site, it is a secure solution.
    • It provides better performance when compared with shared hosting plans for example. 

    To sum up, VPS is a hosting plan that includes features like custom configuration, a high level of security, and dedicated resources on a single shared server. 

    Some Examples

    There are many website owners who rely on the combination of a WHM with their VPS package in order to maintain and develop their sites. This setup is quite effective, as it will help your site function smoothly by expanding the tools and capabilities available to you, as far as manageability goes.

    Some of the hosting services that provide this powerful combination are InMotion, A2 Hosting, NameCheap, Hostinger, Hostgator, and others. These services help to enhance the functionality of websites, add new domains and accounts, and much more. In addition, everything can be managed from a convenient cPanel. This helps to keep your website looking professional, and also allows updates on the server-side. 

    Summing Up

    WHM, in combination with a VPS hosting package, can take your website management to the next level. It helps you to run your site easily, with a wealth of added capabilities and tools at your disposal. This is especially true when managing multiple sites. To check your options, a great place to start is one of the hosting providers mentioned above.