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    Introduction to PHP Hosting

    PHP is one of the more prevalent coding languages due to its simplicity and aptitude for allowing servers to run its processes resourcefully. There are many web hosts that can offer PHP interpretation services that allow a website to be represented in its fully coded design. However, not all of these providers deliver every aspect that works in tandem with PHP to create a successful website. 

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    What is PHP?

    PHP, or Hypertext Pre-processor, is a widely used open-source scripting language akin to other coding languages such as Python, ASP, and Perl. PHP stands above other general-purpose universal programming languages for its popularity and prevalent use across the world of webpage design.

    PHP is especially suited to web development owing to its compatibility with most operating systems and its simplicity of programming syntax, allowing for the creation and implementation of functional applications that are necessary for any dynamic webpage to be enacted quickly. This same simplicity makes PHP an ideal language for beginner website developers trying their hand at utilizing programming languages,

    These designers will also be supported by security and bug fixes for two years per branch release of PHP and an active community of programmers working to maintain frameworks and supply new features to the branches. 

    PHP differs from client-based script executors in that it is a server-side language. This means that the programming script is executed on the server hosting the web page with the results of the enactment being displayed to the user in real time on their device. This mitigation of browser scripts and plug-ins decreases the overloading of the page and bypasses slow loading times, page freeze and high CPU usage. 

    With the user device only receiving the results of the coding execution, the underlying scripting remains private. This increases the security of the page by disallowing the coding language to be observed, duplicated and examined for weaknesses that could allow third-party hackers to compromise the website.    

    What is PHP Hosting?

    PHP hosting is a web hosting environment that is equipped with an integrated PHP interpreter module that will allow the user’s PHP coded website to be represented in its full functionality. Since PHP functions as a server-side scripting language, as opposed to client-sided and browser loaded, this coding will be executed by the host server and then displayed to the client. Without a PHP interpreting aspect to the host server, the pages displayed will only show the static HTML. Website designers wishing to use PHP for its dynamic customization, security options, and user-friendly simplicity will need to seek a web host provider that offers PHP interpretation as a core mechanic. 

    Why You Need PHP Hosting

    When selecting the correct choice of web host providers, the prospective webmaster must be aware of the fact that the vast majority of modern dynamic websites and their open source content management systems, such as the long-standing and popular Wordpress, Joopla! or Magento, all employ PHP as a fundamental aspect of their programming. PHP is a universally recognized scripting language that’s compatible with leading operating systems. Websites that are written using PHP will have a full dynamic range of functions visible and compatible with all modern devices, including Microsoft products and beyond. 

    Potential website designers will benefit from choosing a PHP hosting provider due to its mild pressure upon the server resources. This will cause the performance to remain high and for the loading speeds of the pages to stay optimal. For a commercial or influencing website to reach any level of success it must remain visible and display loading speeds that are in keeping with today’s web user’s expectations of rapidly loading pages, with no freezing or downtime. 

    The quick loading of pages is what Google’s ranking automata use to determine a page’s ranking in its search index, meaning the best performance will equate to the best visibility when the public searches for a page or subject. 

    PHP’s speed and resource usage efficiency in combination with the language being free and open-source make for generally cheaper hosting packages than those environments that use other commercial coding languages. 

    PHP also allows for the integration of database networks such as MySQL, allowing admission to designated users to instantly access any and all data collected by the site with a simple search. This is crucial for those websites that have numerous and sensitive interactions with user data, in the vein of eCommerce sites that deal with submitted credit card information.

    What are the Benefits of PHP Hosting?

    • The right tools and features: A PHP host provider will include in their packages all of the tools that a webmaster will need to create their PHP scripted site as functional as desired. One-click PHP script installation, database integration, and third-party programming language support in conjunction with server configuration customization permit a website designer to use PHP to its full potential.
    • Compatibility with modern devices: A prerequisite for websites in the current age is that they are optimized to appear attractive and practical on any screen, at any size. PHP is a universally recognized programming language which means all new devices across the range of developers are going to be compatible with PHP scripted websites, so long as they are hosted by a PHP host provider. 
    • Performance and resource usage efficiency: PHP supported hosting will afford the user a cheaper and faster service by mitigating heavy server resource use. This keeps customer satisfaction, conversion and repeat visits to the site as high as possible. 

    What Factors to Consider for PHP Hosting?

    • Storage capabilities: One of the defining features of PHP programming is its server-side loading. Most users will only require one database connection but for those seeking to run a larger company with multiple customer-submitted forms, a larger amount of storage will be required. Customers should examine the storage options presented in a host’s packages and select the correct size for their needs.
    • Loading speeds: Another defining highlight of PHP scripting is its resource efficiency, allowing for faster speeds than many commercial programming languages. However, the host environment must reflect this efficiency by utilizing CDN and caching to deliver data to clients as efficiently as possible. Solid-state drives are also needed to provide the customer with top-tier bandwidth capabilities.
    • Ergonomic control interface: Customers should consider whether their provider’s issues a sleek and accessible control panel and not an ineffable device that makes modifications and installation of scripts difficult to accomplish. When looking at prospective PHP hosts customers should see if the package comes with a trusted name for control panels such as Plesk or cPanel.      

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    Top 3 PHP Hosting Providers

    Intersever: Interserver is a robust web hosting service boasting expertly staffed data centers across America. It offers an enormous array of hosting plans for almost any size project. In the plans that support PHP coding, Interserver supplies a cPanel or Plesk control panel with the ability to simply switch between PHP settings and access the PHP configuration of the server. 

    Interserver also offers one-click installation for hundreds of PHP programs, 99% uptime rate and 24/7 support lines. Security options vary between packages, with DDoS protection available for VPS and dedicated servers.

    LiquidWeb: A customer can truly expect to receive what they pay for with LiquidWeb hosting. With fully managed servers, guaranteed fast load times and top-level 100% uptime percentage, LiquidWeb is a leader in performance and user satisfaction. The service is a secure one that also comes with SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and daily backups, alongside clean migration. LiquidWeb has the newest iteration of PHP for all of its Cloud Sites customers that are ideal for PHP developers.  

    GreenGeeks: GreenGeeks allows customers of its hosting service to run multiple versions of PHP with its simple and user-friendly control panel. The provider also claims advanced PHP optimization and execution speeds with multiple data centers and 24/7 support. The service is backed up with free SSL certificates and cloud CDN with nightly data backups and a free migration service, making the service secure and able to bring compromised sites back online quickly.


    It is important for potential customers to see what the host providers offer to truly make the experience of utilizing PHP a satisfying one. Users need to feel that the tools offered to customize their websites using PHP coding have made the process of designing a functional site straightforward. However, the specialization of PHP should never come at the cost of features that allow for a website’s success in the eyes of the customer and search engine rankers.