Fastcomet Hosting Reviewed

Fastcomet is an independently owned cloud hosting provider that moved into the industry in 2013, and has since become known for its broad, capable, and affordable range of packaged services.

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    For website creators and those who simply want to transfer and optimize their domain, a shared cPanel solution starts at bottom dollar, but Fastcomet hosting also makes its private SSD-based cloud and dedicated CPU servers available at a competitive price for those who need high performance. The company currently serves over 40,000 users in 70 countries, across 2,000 cloud nodes.

    In our Fastcomet review we found that the company’s services provide outstanding value and uptime is very fast. With a plug-and-play user experience thanks to a free website transfer and domain, 1-click WordPress and plugin setup, and some of the best client support we’ve seen, it’s easy to forget that Fastcomet also has deeper developer tools as well. This and its quick response time make Fastcomet coupons something to jump at if you need to build or host your website.

    Fastcomet Pros and Cons


    Bundled Free Services

    Fastcomet offers free website and domain transfers, Softaculous app plugins and global CDN caching across its cloud network.

    No Limits on Bandwidth

    Unlimited bandwidth and databases are vital for scaling a website and handling the high traffic volume that you want.

    Faster Load Times

    All plans feature ultra-fast SSD storage, making your site faster to load no matter where traffic is coming from.

    Stellar Customer Support Team

    Superb customer service is friendly, accessible in under 10 minutes, and solves any issues or inquiries in record time.


    Push to Pay Yearly

    A $19.99 one-time setup fee if you pay monthly instead of a 1-year plan or more serves to encourage potential clients to trust Fastcomet long-term.

    Uptime Good But Unsupported

    Fastcomet provides no guarantee that its uptime will meet or exceed any frequency, though issues weren’t observed in our review.

    Fastcomet Prices and Payment Methods

    This Fastcomet hosting review encourages prospective users too carefully weigh their website’s needs against the price of its services.

    • A tri-tiered pricing structure begins with the least expensive hosting plans, which start at $2.95 per month and offer cPanel-based administration on a server that’s shared with other Fastcomet users. Even the lowest-priced FastCloud plan for shared hosting has 15GB of SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, a free domain, and the full range of plugins and support perks.
    • Users can pay up to $9.95 per month for the maxed-out FastCloud Extra plan, which has more storage and unlimited sites, but some might choose to upgrade to a Cloud VPS web hosting plan in Fastcomet’s second non-shared hosting tier. These VPS server solutions offer dedicated cloud space and fast CPUs, storage between 50GB and 320GB, and RAM up to 16GB. Prices range from $59.95 to $139.95 per month.
    • Finally, Dedicated CPU Server plans from Fastcomet are a tailored, fully managed hosting environment with better performance, more hybrid SSD and HDD storage, and deeper developer tools. These plans run from $139.00 to $349.00 per month. Also relevant is a $19.99 setup fee for new users who pay on a monthly basis rather than a multi-year plan, though on most timelines a 1-year plan or more will already make the most sense.

    All Fastcomet accounts come with unlimited bandwidth, the same great customer service, a free domain and website transfer, and a 45-day money back guarantee. Payment methods include major credit cards and PayPal.

    Fastcomet User Experience

    My Fastcomet review tests this web hosting provider from many angles and seeks to determine how it stacks up against peers in the marketplace. Overall, I was quite impressed by the price point of Fastcomet shared hosting plans, which each provide domain transfer or website creation options for new users right after the purchase and login. Along with dozens of other popular 1-click tools available via cPanel such as WordPress Fastcomet hosting, Joomla, Magento, and more, beginners will find that no matter which server location they prefer, an impressive amount of SSD space and unlimited data provided means their site will be as functional as it is fast.

    Fastcomet python support makes sense given its wide range of database management tools, which are immediately simple enough to accommodate beginners but hide capabilities that satisfy expert developers too. As developers who are somewhere in the middle, me and my colleagues appreciate the clean Softaculous integration dashboard, which let us quickly add new tools to the site and value for our users.

    This is essentially why Fastcomet scores well—its 300+ instantly launchable applications and backend tools to manage them, all in a well-organized administration panel. Even for VPS users who wish to customize how their server manages resources or data transfers, the right menus and options are logically arranged in Web Host Manager.

    Fastcomet Load Times and Reliability

    With a global network of over 2,000 SSD cloud nodes across 7 continents and 70 countries, Fastcomet CDN caching by CloudFlare helps users’ websites remain fast no matter the visitor’s location. Using VPN technology, we recorded an average load time of less than 500ms to call sites hosted even on a shared cPanel-based FastCloud plan, though this may vary as other users create congestion. This eclipses the recommended standard of 2-second load times by Google for proper website optimization and UX. For cheap web hosting, that’s not bad.

    With faster CPUs, more SSD web storage, exclusive server resources and optimization options as plans move towards VPN hosting and dedicated CPU solutions, speed can only improve. Though a guaranteed measurement for uptime is not provided by Fastcomet, my own diagnostic tests found that users can expect 99.90% or above. Furthermore, testing download speeds for global users is simple, as Fastcomet provides test files and IPs of each datacenter on its website. This was another feature I highly appreciated, as it saved me some time.

    Fastcomet Main Features

    Premium Customer Support

    Literally referred to as Premium on the Fastcomet website, the customer support team can honestly feel justified in this title. In my own experience navigating customer service I’ve become used to reactive, slow monitoring and partial support—for example nothing covering open source software or Softaculous apps. Fastcomet’s team covers it all, is always available 24/7, and boasts average response times of less than 10 minutes.

    Fast Cloud Network

    Fastcomet hosts from 10 worldwide data centers and gives free CloudFlare CDN caching to all accounts, meaning that alongside SSD memory it becomes one of the fastest-loading for visitors across the globe. Each datacenter features 24/7 security, redundant power supplies, and other safety precautions to ensure steadfast hosting.

    Precise VPS Control

    Though they’re more expensive, the fully-managed and cloud VPS hosting solutions offer more control and better performance. This makes them relevant for businesses which are migrating a higher amount of traffic. VPS hosting provides private space on the server, and therefore dedicated allocation of RAM, SSD space, and CPUs.

    Plug-and-Play With Softaculous

    Fastcomet is already designed to quickly recognize and adjust for preferred CRM platforms and more when onboarding a new user, and with Softaculous more than 300 other applications are within reach. This allows users to give their site new functionality without fumbling through a complicated installation process.

    Fastcomet Customer Support

    A Fastcomet client can expect that all the praise for his or her new customer support team hasn’t been mere words. In my exploration of the team’s services, I found that Fastcomet representatives were universally friendly and knowledgeable, which is no surprise given that the team publishes its solution rate for tickets at 93%. With 24/7 response time below 10 minutes, and avenues for communication that include email, live chat, and more, there is every reason to feel like you can do absolutely anything with your site.

    Fully managed solutions and shared hosting plans alike all feature constant security monitoring, and a specially configured firewall to any CMS you’re using, which covers most exploits automatically. Though there is a policy stating that technical support will be limited to those who use “excessive time” from the team, this isn’t the case in reality. Fastcomet’s investment in this area of its business shows with each interaction, and reps are equipped to handle issues with most plugins and third-party software, which is rare.

    Fastcomet for Free

    There seem to be a few 14-day demos for those who want free WordPress hosting as a test run, and free Magento demos and other popular CRMs are available via Fastcomet as well. Free domain hosting is something all members get, but of course, this requires paying for a plan, while there’s no indication on whether there are free VPS demo accounts.

    My Conclusion About Fastcomet

    Though some will label it cheap website hosting, professionals know that this doesn’t mean Fastcomet isn’t one of the best in the market. Its broad range of hosting plans, which vary by speed and storage across shared, cloud VPS, and dedicated CPU hosting solutions all start with great value at base level. That’s a commitment to the very best support, unlimited bandwidth, free website transfers and domains, and a network providing world-class uptime and speed. Beginners will appreciate the ability to get the full-fledged version of their site up in mere hours, and I personally recommend that those who can find a Fastcomet discount code use it over deals offered by the competition.