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    Will Shared Hosting Work For You?

    No matter if you’re a content creator, an entrepreneur, or even a small business already making sales, you’ll need a website to succeed in today’s digital-first world. This means that you get to create an online presence, but also that you’re going to have to pay for it. If you’re just starting off, or even if you’re simply looking for some cheap exposure, this can be a problem. Luckily, today you can find an easy solution with shared hosting. Instead of paying for a full virtual server or even buying hardware, you can share your website’s server with other users, lowering your costs without significantly impacting your performance. Read on below to learn more about cheap shared hosting and read our reviews to see which company is best for you.

    Best Shared Hosting
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    What is Shared Hosting, and How does it Work?

    Shared hosting Works by dividing existing virtual servers into smaller blocks, letting you essentially rent out only a small portion of a full server and thus reducing the costs overall. Shared hosting services today offer only a small drop-off in performance and quality of features, but they more than make up for it with significantly lower prices. Today, this hosting type is usually the cheapest (outside of free hosting), making it a top choice for a variety of reasons.

    When Should I Choose Shared Hosting?

    There are some reasons why you should look into shared web hosting, but it’s worth remembering that it’s not ideal for every time you need to build a website. Perhaps the biggest and most important reason to choose shared hosting is to save money. Instead of paying for a dedicated server or VPS package that can cost you hundreds of dollars a year, shared hosting reduces your expenses by distributing a single servers’ cost among multiple users. If you’re a content creator who’s looking to build a single starter website, or even a small business looking to start building a web presence, the best shared hosting can help get you online quicker. Additionally, you should consider shared hosting when optimized performance isn’t crucial, since your resources are shared with others.

    Main Benefits of Shared Hosting

    Less Expensive

    The clear-cut advantage shared hosting offers is significantly lower starting prices and more affordable subscriptions than dedicated services.


    Although you’re sharing resources, most shared hosting services give you great flexibility when it comes to scaling up or down, and even managing your own allotted resources.

    Easy to Self-Manage

    As opposed to complex and sprawling dedicated hosting services, shared hosting is more aimed at beginners and small websites. Thus, they’re designed to be easy to operate and manage without expertise.

    Can Host Dynamic Websites

    Even though you’re sharing resources, most hosting companies build data centers capable of housing many websites with no adverse impact. Thus, you can still build dynamic and engaging websites without sacrificing speed and reliability.

    What You Should Consider When Looking for Shared Hosting


    Reliability is crucial to your website’s success, so look for hosting companies that offer 99.9% uptime guarantees or better.


    Similarly, you want your pages to load as fast as possible to avoid losing viewers. Make sure your chosen service offers speeds faster than 1 second per page load.


    Although you’re sharing a server with others, you should still have access to the resources you need. Your host should include hefty storage, bandwidth, and processing capacity for your website.


    No matter how careful you are, odds are you will need help at some point. Look for providers that offer 24/7 service via live chat and phone, and who have extensive knowledge bases and educational resources.

    Best Shared Hosting

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    How to Choose the Best Shared Hosting

    Establish Your Goals

    Your website’s purpose will define what type of shared hosting plans fit your needs. Make a list of your goals, and compare that to the types of resources, traffic, and tools you’ll need.

    Understand your Resource Needs

    Not every website needs unlimited bandwidth, especially at first. Find the resources you need without paying more for ones you don’t.

    See about Scaling

    As great as cheap hosting is, your website (hopefully) won’t stay small forever. Look for plans that grow with you.

    Do your Research

    Make sure to learn more about each company with our expert reviews, and see what others are saying in our user reviews.

    How to Install Shared Hosting

    Luckily, most shared hosting plans today do the heavy lifting for you. Once you’re set up with your subscription, you’ll be instructed to enter a few details about your website, and start installing the tools you need, usually with an application like Softaculous. Once set up, you’ll be ready to start building.

    The Top 5 Shared Hosting Plans


    With customers in over 83 countries, FastComet is one of the top names in hosting. The company offers free website and domain transfers, along with up to 35GB of storage space, and although there is no unlimited bandwidth, the company’s fair use policy means you’ll likely never hit the monthly limit.

    A2 Hosting

    A2 stands out from the pack for its unlimited storage and website transfer offers across its shared plans, along with free SSL certificate for your website. More impressively, A2 Hosting claims to have some of the top speeds on the market (which is largely true), and even gives you free access to CDN  and CloudFlare tools for optimization.


    With an excellent introductory price (as low as $3.95 monthly) and unlimited bandwidth, Chemicloud is looking to make a splash. The company includes unlimited emails, and a free domain for life, even if you migrate hosting tools. You also receive integrations for cPanel and Softaculous, free SSL certificates, and an impressive 99.99% uptime guarantee.


    If you’re looking for abundant resources, Hostwinds may be the choice for you. The company includes unlimited bandwidth across all its shared hosting plans and includes instant setup and Softaculous to help you get started in seconds. Additionally, you receive a free dedicated IP, unlimited subdomains, and free SSL certificates and domain hosting.


    For beginners, HostPapa may offer some of the most accessible deals. The company gives you free setup and domain registration to go with free email, drag-and-drop website builder, marketing tools, and even a free one-on-one training session to get you on the road. Additionally, you’ll get unmetered bandwidth and SSL certificates included in all your web pages.

    Shared Hosting For Free

    IF you’re too strapped to even splurge on a low-cost shared hosting plan, you may still be able to find a free shared hosting solution that gives you a short-term fix. These plans tend to have more restrictions on usage and resources, but they give you no-cost shared website hosting that is good enough to start building your online presence.

    Final Thoughts on Shared Hosting

    No matter what your background is, shared hosting gives you a great and affordable way to start building an online presence and move your business forward. Learn more in our expert reviews, and see what others are saying in our thousands of user reviews.