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    Improve Your Small Business Hosting With This Comprehensive Guide

    Today’s digital world means that small businesses must constantly compete for users’ online attention, and this means finding ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd. In a packed market though, your website may simply fade into the background if it’s not the best it can be. Nowadays, you can set yourself apart by using a hosting solution that is tailored for your needs, including a small business website builder, powerful features that optimize your speed and performance, and administrative tools that make it easy to manage your site. The best web hosting for small business lets you create a unique website that is reliable and fast. Read more below about what web hosting is and read our reviews to see our top picks for best web hosting for small business 2019.

    Best Small Business Hosting
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    What is Small Business Hosting, and How Does It Work?

    When we talk about small business hosting, we’re simply talking about hosting tools that are optimized to meet the needs of an emerging small business or entrepreneur. Web hosting works by giving you virtual storage space where you can keep your website’s assets and a server that lets you open your site to visitors. The best web hosting for business lets you find a plan that works for you without having to overextend your budget, and which gives you the ability to scale. How they work is simple: you rent out space, either as part of a shared server or your own virtual server, and you can use it and expand your server as you need. It also includes a variety of features including back-end tools and even the best email hosting for small business in some cases.

    The Main Features to Look for in Small Business Hosting

    Dedicated Servers

    Any time you’re collecting sensitive data from your clients, shared servers become a serious security liability. Dedicated servers come with added security and give you full control to protect your data from prying eyes.

    Cloud Server Platforms

    Instead of having to pay dearly when you need to grow and expand your bandwidth, cloud hosting lets you spin up additional virtual servers at the drop of a hat and better manage your existing resources.

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

    A service that offers free SSL certificates for your website automatically makes it more trustworthy. Look for services which include SSL as a way to deliver you better protection and online credibility.

    When Should I Choose Small Business Hosting?

    Although you don’t need to get small business hosting if you’re building a small business website, it does grant you several important advantages. For one, unlike hosting that’s meant for different purposes like blogging or content creators, services optimized for entrepreneurs include the tools you’ll need out of the box. More importantly, small business hosting can give you access to important advantages, such as greater privacy (if you choose a dedicated or VPS option), improved speeds for your website’s loading, and reliable uptimes.

    Main Benefits of Small Business Hosting

    Low Costs

    Unlike enterprise level solutions, small business hosting is focused on providing powerful and affordable solutions, which include cheaper servers and more flexible plans.

    Many Hosting Options

    Another great benefit of small business hosting is that it lets you choose the type of host that works best for your business. While some may be okay with shared hosting, others may prefer the security of a VPS, or the malleability of dedicated hosting with root access.

    Established CMS

    Most importantly, these servers already include built-in content management systems (CMS). These CMS include popular services like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, and let you quickly build and start managing your website to obtain the best results possible.

    What You Should Ask Yourself When Considering Small Business Hosting?

    What Does the Fine Print Say?

    Make sure that your agreement clearly states the price you’ll be paying not today, but once you renew your subscription. Moreover, ensure that factors like closing an account, automatic renewals, and more are transparent and clearly explained to avoid any problems down the line.

    Does it Have Reliable Uptimes?

    Check that your chosen web hosting offers uptimes that are at least in line with the industry average of 99.9%, but preferably even higher.

    What’s Their Support Like?

    Choose a hosting service that offers 24/7 support via live chat and phone, and also includes a wide range of other educational tools and information to help you while you set up your hosting.

    Best Small Business Hosting

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    How to Choose the Best Small Business Hosting?

    Define Your Needs

    Begin by determining what your website will offer, and what you need to make it work—whether you need a VPS, or which specific features may be required.

    Choose your Type of Hosting Option

    Business web hosting comes in a variety of shapes, ranging from basic shared hosting to dedicated VPS and managed servers. Generally, most companies will choose at least a dedicated option, as it offers protections and security essential to small business website hosting.

    Do Some Research

    Read through reviews, both from experts and other users, to see what your chosen host actually offers, and how well rated it is.

    How to Install Small Business Hosting

    Fortunately, most hosting services today provide fairly easy installations out of the box. To get started, simply click which tools you want installed, and configure them to your preferred settings. Using tools like Softaculous, along with valuable website builders and more, you can quickly set up your small business hosting for long-term success.

    The Top 5 Small Business Hosting Plans

    A2 Hosting

    If you’re looking specifically for cloud hosting, A2 is one of the top names in the market. The company offers both Windows and Linux hosting, and it includes an uptime guarantee of 99.93%, as well as blazing fast loading speeds that average 282 milliseconds. Most importantly, it features a wide range of third-party integrations you can quickly and easily install, as well as free SSL and CDN.


    FastComet is known both for its speed and its reliability. The company supports average loading times of under 400 milliseconds and guarantees users 99.9% uptime in its service level agreement. More importantly, FastComet offers extensive support for multiple PHP versions, a variety of scripting languages, and one-click installations of popular applications using Softaculous.


    Although the company’s focus is on providing a budget-friendly alternative for small business hosting, it also offers one of the most unique tools for small businesses and developers. SmarterASP.NET’s tools are designed to help small businesses create dynamic websites. It’s worth noting that unlike other hosting tools, the company focuses exclusive on .NET frameworks.


    As one of the oldest hosting companies online (with almost two decades of experience) MocaHost is full of useful features and one of the most surprising uptime guarantees. The company’s SLA states that MocaHost offers a nearly-unheard-of 100% uptime. You can install over 400 apps with a single click, as well as take advantage of free SSL certificates for your sites.


    Although it’s a newer hosting service, SkySilk has made a name for itself thanks to its friendly support team and intuitive platform. SkySilk also includes a unique rewards program, full root access, and even gives you server templates to speed up your development process. With above average speeds and reliable uptimes, it’s an intriguing budget-friendly competitor.

    Small Business Hosting for Free

    Although it’s always tempting to go for the free option, free web hosting is generally not the best call for privacy-minded small businesses. Even so, if you’re just getting started and need to get online quickly, some of the best hosting you’ll need is simply the tools to build a website and get people to start visiting. In this case, there are several excellent free options (including some of our top reviewed companies).

    Final Thoughts on Small Business Hosting

    Small businesses have unique requirements and choosing hosting should be no exception to the rule. Before you pick an option that may not be ideal for you, take the time to read our expert reviews, and see what others are saying in our user reviews to make the best choice for your small business hosting.