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    Reseller Hosting: Learn Everything Here

    One of the great things about today’s online landscape is that it offers you the ability to provide unique and valuable services to users. No matter if you’re a developer building clients websites, a small business that sells landing pages, or even an individual reseller looking to manage others’ hosting needs, cloud hosting makes it possible. Reseller hosting has become a popular way for small businesses and individuals to expand the services they offer consumers and create better overall products. The best reseller hosting gives users the ability to manage and modify each instance to fit their needs, and even offers white labeling and domain reseller tools as well. Read more about what this type of hosting offers and explore our reviews to find cheap reseller hosting that matches your needs.

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    What is Reseller Hosting, and How Does it Work?

    Reseller hosting offers companies the ability to rent out virtual servers and hosting capacity to in turn rent it to third party users. This is valuable for both resellers looking to set up their own hosting and developers looking to offer packaged and managed services to their clients. When you sign up for reseller hosting, you’re renting out several servers, or bandwidth and storage, which you can then rent out to your own customers. Moreover, you keep the profits from your reselling (minus the cost of your existing subscription).

    When Should I Choose Reseller Hosting

    There are a few reasons why you should look into reseller hosting. The first is to create a more comprehensive package for clients if you work in web development and web design, you can offer cheap web hosting already included in the price of a website. You can even offer to manage their hosting for them. The other important reason to consider reseller hosting is if you’re looking to start your own hosting business. Instead of paying for expensive hardware and infrastructure, using a reseller plan lets you pay a single monthly fee which gives you full access to your profits.

    Main Benefits of Reseller Hosting

    Fast Service

    Because they’re already built and optimized, you can offer customers blazing speeds and reliable uptime almost immediately.


    The biggest benefit of using reseller hosting instead of building your own is the significant cost savings that come from not having to build your own data centers.

    Multi-Site Hosting

    Most reseller hosting packages let you host multiple websites and services on your own servers, giving you the ability to branch out and grow your business.

    What Should You Look for When Considering Reseller Hosting?

    Speed and Reliability

    It’s important that your customers count on your hosting’s reliability. Look for providers that offer high uptime guarantees (above 99.9%) and above-average speeds (1 second loading time or less).


    No matter your skill level, at some point you’ll likely require some assistance. Seek out web hosting that offers around-the-clock support, preferably via more than a single channel, and extensive educational resources.


    More than a simple hosting location, your provider should give you tools to manage your servers, optimize them, and provide customization options for all your clients.

    Best Reseller Hosting

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    • Over 400 apps on offer
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    How to Choose the Best Reseller Hosting

    Define Your Needs

    The first step is to define what you’re using your reseller hosting for. Are you looking to start a new business? Do you want to offer more features to clients? This will help put you on the right track.

    Determine Your Scale

    Most reseller hosting plans give you different tiers which unlock different ranges of storage, bandwidth, and number of available hosts/servers. Knowing where to start will help you avoid overspending at first.

    Determine What Type of Hosting Services You Need

    Most reseller hosting providers let you choose which kind of servers to use. Some offer VPS reseller capabilities, while others give you domain reseller access. These added features can help expand your value.

    How to Install Reseller Hosting

    Most reseller plans include web-based tools such as control panel dashboards and web hosting management (WHM) suites. When you create a plan, you’ll be able to start making new instances and virtual servers on your host directly from the web, with no need to install anything on your computer.

    The Top 5 Reseller Hosting Plans

    A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting has become popular for its flexibility and the degree of control it gives you. This extends to full resource management. Additionally, you get a 99.99% uptime guarantee, blazing fast loading times, and an expansive customer support section and around-the-clock service.


    When it comes to value for money, Chemicloud is a great alternative. The company also features high uptime guarantees but throws in domain hosting as well for paying customers. Moreover, all plans get unlimited websites with SSL certificates included, as well as free daily backups and migrations.


    If you’re looking for a fully managed and easy setup, Hostwinds offers everything you need. All the company’s plans for resellers include unlimited bandwidth and storage space, along woth unlimited subdomains, free SSL certificates, and Softaculous auto-installer.


    SmarterASP.NET is aimed at slightly larger businesses, but it still offers a great deal to aspiring resellers. This includes unlimited websites and domain names, as well as a minimum of 500gb of bandwidth. The company also offers free FTP and even gives you access to raw log files.


    To separate itself from the pack, MochaHost goes a step further with unlimited access, giving you unmetered bandwidth servers as well as unlimited websites and users. Moreover, MochaHost gives you an impressive 100% uptime guarantee, as well as a speed guarantee. With multiple plans and over 450 apps to install, it’s worth a look.

    Reseller Hosting For Free

    Because of the nature of reseller hosting and the need for significant resources, it’s hard to find a trustworthy free reseller hosting provider. Even so, you may find free reseller plans that can at least help you get started. If you’re looking for standard free web hosting on a case by case basis, however, you may have better luck.

    My Final Thoughts on Reseller Hosting

    Reseller hosting gives you an excellent, low-cost way to start a new business or add significant value to your existing one. Before choosing the plan for you, dig deep with our expert reviews and see what others are saying in our thousands of user reviews.