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    Best Cheap Adult Web Hosting

    Websites exist for all manner of purposes, and accordingly, each has its own unique web hosting needs. A photography blog’s requirements for its hosting provider will be much different than those of a flash games site or a news page, and this goes double for an adult website. Adult hosting providers are designed specially to meet the needs that adult websites have and that others do not. This enormously popular industry has inspired the launch of countless adult hosting providers, which must be carefully compared and examined by those who wish to start or migrate their own adult website to better serve their audience.

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    What is Adult Hosting, and How It Works?

    Adult web hosting is meant to provide more capable, relevant hosting needs to people who have websites with goods, services, or content for those over 18 or 21. That doesn’t mean porn, it could also be a blog about any content considered “mature”, such as guns, gambling, alcohol or anything else that’s age-restricted. Even if the subject matter isn’t restricted by age, many hosting providers explicitly refuse to serve adult-themed websites, even if their needs aren’t any different than other clients.

    This means that adult hosting is both more capable of serving adult sites which do have special bandwidth or storage needs, for example, and also those which merely need their provider not to discriminate based on content and suddenly ban their account. Besides offering the hosting technology and support they need providers also must also work carefully to maintain the higher levels of information security required for this type of content and keep payment portals as anonymous as they are airtight. There are both providers that offer specific hosting for adult sites and other large non-specialized providers with terms that are favorable to them.

    When Should I Choose Adult Hosting?

    You should choose an adult hosting provider if your website or business serves up goods or services pertaining to mature topics. The worst nightmare of any web admin is to create or migrate an adult site on their new provider, only to have it banned after the hard work is done. Some providers do indeed disrupt service to these websites, but not the ones that have their legal ducks in a row. Afterwards, it’s crucial to identify those which provide features that resonate with your audience, such as faster and more storage, bandwidth, and dedicated hardware for streaming video to bulk viewers.

    Also important is security, as consumers of mature content want their personal information and payment methods further from prying eyes. For streaming adult videos, selecting a provider with ironclad payment features is as important as finding one with support for processing enormous quantities of different multimedia at the same time. Ultimately, the choice to use adult hosting solutions is one you make for your customers, who want no service interruptions despite heavy load, and no compromises on security.

    Main Benefits of Adult Hosting

    Superior Security

    Stronger security than baseline is a must for adult web hosting solutions, which often rely on  SSL encryption, SSH certificates, around-the-clock monitoring, backups on a daily or more frequent basis, and payment security tools as well. For content of this nature, protection is vital for users who do not wish to be identified if a breach of payment or browsing data should occur.

    Faster Bandwidth

    Relevant for the high-quality images and streamed videos which many adult sites use as a business model, hosting services which can handle this data burden are highly valued. Adult hosting solutions make this a priority universally, and at the very least offer unlimited bandwidth, and then faster connections and other hardware dedication options to boost streaming speeds even more.

    Dedicated Hardware or VPS

    Adult websites with steady or significant traffic want to give users a seamless experience, and so dedicated server space that isn’t shared with a hosting provider’s other customers is bare minimum. This means your own allotment of resources which are always at your service, and when not required are merely idle instead of being used elsewhere. I find that stability for users is a sticking point when comparing adult sites, so the host makes all the difference.

    CDN Caching and Network

    A host that operates many cloud nodes across the world, and that uses CDN caching is purpose-built to serve global audiences with your adult content faster. I find this to be true when testing CDN-cached websites with a VPN, as the content is already ready on local proxies rather than needing to be loaded from the backend. Adult sites find viewers from around the world, and content which loads instantly helps retention and engagement.

    What to Ask Yourself When Considering Adult Hosting

    As a website that should ideally stand out from the competition, yours has a special blend of hosting needs that can also give it an edge. Ask yourself about the following to find the best hosting service for your adult site.

    Data Needs

    How much and what kind of data needs to be stored and transferred? This is the primary question to consider above all else. For sites that offer streaming video, administrators prefer adult web hosting solutions with uncapped bandwidth, or one with a lot of SSD storage for serving longer media to a global audience. An eCommerce store administrator on the other hand might want to focus hosting providers who put a premium on security rather than speed.


    When users interact with an adult site by logging in, paying for goods or services with their personal credit card, or posting their opinions on a forum they need to know that this information is locked away for good. The website, payment methods, and data storage should all have high security, and features like basic encryption, firewalls, monitoring, and 2-factor authentication.


    If you’re migrating a site to a new hosting provider, it’s relevant to ask yourself which tools you rely on currently. Many providers make it their concern to integrate easily with popular CRM platforms such as WordPress or Magento, so the migration is that much easier. A customer support team can help adult site operators handle the nuances of their hosting environment as well, so make sure to look out for those ranked highly for client service.

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    How to Choose the Best Adult Hosting

    When confronted with a plethora of plans that all include powerful servers and lightning fast speeds, it’s hard to recognize the best of the bunch. The cream of the crop is hidden initially thanks to flowery marketing language, making it necessary to conduct some due diligence to identify the adult web hosting provider that fits your site better than any other.

    • The first step is to find a hosting service with hosts in locations where your users reside. That means faster speeds for them, and better service. Identify which offer a CDN with global reach and caching, better equipped to serve content to far corners of the web. A handful of cloud nodes will not suffice!
    • Look at the security solutions that the most expensive hosting networks provide. From there, narrow down by cutting out those services which don’t provide 2-factor authentication or cutting-edge encryption (SSL, SSH, 256AES at minimum). Paid sites need to have assurances that customer payment information has been given special attention by their hosting provider’s security apparatus.
    • Find a provider that integrates the tools your site uses, or alternatively, one with easy installation of apps or plugins that your users will want. This is easier said than done, and once you’ve found relevant and complementary hosting providers the list should be quite short.
    • Finally, bench any adult web hosts that have less-than-excellent customer support. This is the last basis for your comparison, so of the handful which qualify for your adult site’s content and users, your ultimate choice will be whichever has the most well-reviewed customer support team.

    How to Install Adult Hosting

    Setting up a new website is easy with adult hosting services these days, as is migrating an existing adult site from host to host. The steps involved depend on which type of user you are.

    For new sites:

    • Make an account with your new provider and purchase one of the plans listed on their site.
    • Use the login provided to enter your admin panel, which may be a cPanel or something similar.
    • Create a domain and use the tools to begin designing the layout of your site.
    • Install functions and applications with any plugin tools provided.
    • Launch the site and begin uploading content to it.

    For existing sites:

    • Download the site to your local machine, and then use FTP to upload them to the new provider’s main folder.
    • Move any databases associated with your site to the new provider via an SQL export then import, using phpMyAdmin on any cPanel or similar dashboard offered by each provider.
    • Setup the relevant applications to work with your new provider (WordPress, Drupal etc.). Many providers have automatic reconfiguration, making this step easy.
    • Point your DNS at the new host by changing nameservers at your registrar of choice.

    Top 3 Adult Hosting Plans


    Based in Europe and host to over 29 million people worldwide, Hostinger is an industry veteran founded in 2004. It offers plans starting as low as $0.80 per month and has explicit support for adult web hosting, with stronger firewalls, DDoS and malware shields, a free SSL certificate and a wide network.


    Fastcomet is a capable adult web host due to the level of customization clients have when it comes to speed and storage. It offers shared, private VPS, and dedicated CPU servers for competitive monthly prices, and unlimited bandwidth for all accounts.


    A specialized hosting company for adult websites, ViceTemple goes a step further to provide adult themed site templates and data centers in Amsterdam, where privacy laws are airtight. As a smaller provider it also stays competitive with uncapped traffic and virtually constant uptime.

    Adult Hosting for Free

    There are indeed some platforms which offer adult web hosting for free, such as EasyXSites or Freehostia, but these are limited in many ways. An adult site that aims to serve viewers and customers best should be prepared to pay for a guarantee against interruptions, more than 250mb of storage, and higher bandwidth caps.

    My Conclusion About Adult Hosting

    Adult websites that want to tap into this lucrative and high-traffic sector need to come prepared with a capable, secure hosting provider. This means a robust network of cloud nodes, SSD storage, and no bandwidth caps so that visitors to the site are never given a moment’s distraction or doubts about their own security. Ultimately, solutions which provide all this in one are also those that grant special consideration to this type of content from the outset, but every minute of due diligence in selecting the right choice makes an impact on your adult site’s bottom line.