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    Using Site Lock To Protect Your Site From Cyber Threats

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    At this very moment, 18 million websites are battling against cyberattacks. For all website types, and across all industries, cybersecurity should be a top priority, as nobody is immune to security threats in the online world. 

    SiteLock is a great way to ensure that your website is cocooned from damages and risks associated with security breaches. This company, which was founded in 2008, is dedicated to serving small and medium-sized businesses and providing affordable and accessible website security.

    Read on to find out the benefits of using SiteLock for your website plus the top web hosting providers that support this great feature. 

    What Is SiteLock? 

    SiteLock is a security tool that works via the cloud to scan your website and protect it from malware, hackers, and other threats. The best thing about this cloud application is that it can identify security breaches and fix them automatically. 

    Take a look at how SiteLock strengthens your website security. 

    • Instant Protection - Automatically protect your website and its users from malicious attacks.
    • PCI Compliance - Keep your customers’ credit card information confidential and decrease the time taken for PCI compliance.
    • VPN - Assist staff and customers to access the web without any security risks to your enterprise. 
    • Hosting Security - Increase conversions, ensure customer satisfaction, avoid threats and blacklisting, and more. 

    Benefits Of Hosting Security

    Spreading awareness and letting your customers know that you use top security mechanisms for your website is one advantage of using secure web hosting services. Besides this trust-building goal, there are many more benefits as outlined below:

    • Bad Neighbor Blacklisting - For your customers on shared IP addresses via reputation monitoring. 
    • Mitigate Damages And Risks - Such as malware attacks. 
    • Remove Vulnerabilities - 113 million websites have at least one weak point.
    • Lower Resource Usage - Reduces your total use of bandwidth by halting bot traffic. 
    • Avoid Website Attacks - Automatically keeping sensitive information confidential. 

    Hosting Providers That Work With SiteLock

    SiteLock offers a free demo in addition to the following premium plans:

    • SecureAlert at $149.99 per site, per year 
    • SecureStarter at $299.99 per site, per year  
    • SecureSpeed at $499.99 per site, per year 
    • Custom Solutions for reseller packages

    Take a look at the five web hosting companies that offer SiteLock below. 


    This leading web host fully supports SiteLock and offers it with many of its packages. Users can scan for viruses in applications, monitor the reputation of their website in addition to preventing XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) with weekly website scans. Tools such as DDoS protection and Google blacklist monitoring are also offered. There are added firewall vulnerability scans that help prevent WordPress-specific attacks as well.


    Use SiteLock to scan 5-10 web pages for free, or unlimited web pages under the SiteLock Essentials plan by signing up with BlueHost. From XSS protection to automated malware removal and bot attack prevention - this web host offers a wealth of security functions that are must-haves for micro-enterprises. 


    In addition to the trusted SiteLock seal on your website, HostPapa offers the option to block hackers and carry out automatic removal of malware. You can get SiteLock with this service provider along with daily malware scans, vulnerability detection, and FTP scans. Depending on the plan, you can scan up to 500 pages. 

    InMotion Hosting

    All hosting plans except shared hosting on InMotion can be used with SiteLock. You can monitor and prevent infections or attacks on your business website using this tool. The best thing that SiteLock offers is site and server-based security tools for complex websites too. 


    Business owners can also get access to SiteLock as an add-on with extra payment to their hosting plans with Hostwinds. You can use it for malware scanning and automatic removal of malware bots. 

    Summing Up 

    As over 58 websites are attacked every day around the world, there are incessant risks that can destroy your website when it has zero hosting security. SiteLock monitors, tracks, prevents, and fixes malicious attacks from hackers and bots to keep your website safe and secure. 

    Pick a web hosting service that comes with SiteLock today to unlock the full spectrum of security benefits.