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    How Your Hosting Package Can Harm Your SEO Efforts

    Hosting Package Can Harm Your SEO

    Your web hosting plan plays a key role in making or breaking your search engine rankings.  

    SEO web hosting is a package tailored to build and rank your site high on SERP. An SEO-friendly package can help your business attract traffic and boost sales. On the other hand, a wrong service provider plan can destroy your reputation and land you with financial liabilities. 

    Read on to discover the hidden threats to your site SEO. You’ll learn how your choice of web host manager (WHM) affects the uptime, loading speed, and security of the site. Additionally, you’ll learn in three simple steps how to choose the right service provider.

    Site Accessibility 

    Your site’s availability to visitors is an important criterion used by search engines when ranking your domain. If the site is always down, search engines and users can’t access it. The downtime faced by your domain could be due to the hosting package you’ve chosen.

    If you don’t monitor site uptime, expect a loss of substantial traffic and customers. Site accessibility is threatened when you redirect visitors via spam or unavailable sites. Moreover, it pushes down Google rankings due to poor UX.

    Take a look at the list of uptime guarantees provided by various hosts below.

    • A2 Hosting: 99.9%
    • BlueHost: 99.93%
    • GreenGeeks: 99.95%
    • Liquid Web: 99.96%
    • WP Engine: 99.99%
    Provider Site
    • A2 Hosting Coupon
    • Compatible with a wide range of databases
    • Carbon Offset Hosting
    • extensive set of features


    Often referred to as the site speed or page speed, this is the time taken by a visitor’s browser to display all the elements on your web page. The speed of your website varies depending on the hosting package you select. Google considers the loading speed of your page vital to how it’ll be ranked against other websites. If it’s low, the total pages crawled by search engine bots will be low as well. 

    Regardless of your unique strategies, your site should always load quickly for crawlers and users. A slow-loading website increases the bounce rate and decreases conversions. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to help determine the site’s speed. 

    A site with high traffic requires a package with a good bandwidth that’ll load pages quickly. You must also choose a service provider that uses quality hardware and software to maintain the speed of your site.


    One of the key indicators of a good website is the security built around it. When it comes to SEO rankings, Google favors sites with standard SSL certificates and firewalls. In fact, search engine bots will leave sites without secure servers and visitors when they fail to see HTTPS in the URL. 

    You’ll need to ensure the service provider has used appropriate features to protect your site from malware and hackers. A hacked website can quickly lose its SEO ranking on the SERP. If the worst does happen and you take too long to resolve those issues, search engines might blacklist your site too. 

    Free packages offer the least amount of security. Likewise, cheap packages, such as shared plans, expose your site to hackers. Choosing a dedicated server or VPS server from a reputable brand will help maximize your security. 

    How To Choose The Best Host For SEO 

    Finding the right SEO friendly web hosting service provider should be a detailed process. When picking such a plan, consider the following three points. 

    Reviews And Reputation       

    The experience and history of the shortlisted service provider should be the first factor to check. Then, proceed to find out the total number of years they’ve been actively providing similar or related services. 

    A good web host will also have a good number of verified and unbiased reviews from users, critics, and experts.

    Data Centers And Your Hosting Needs 

    You’ll also need to dig up information on the type of hardware used by the host company. Find out if it has its own data center or if it borrows someone else’s space as a reseller. 

    Moreover, if the company has its own data center, find out the total number of centers and locations. Next, check if the data center maintains high-security regulations for site safety.

    Lastly, compare and contrast the facilities of the provider with your own demands.

    Consider VPS Hosting 

    If you’ve discovered that your website needs a package powerful enough to bear high traffic, VPS is worth checking out. That’s because virtual private servers are designed for boosting SEO. They do so by offering top speed, security, uptime, and support for commercial sites. 

    Take a look at the varying costs of VPS plans from top providers below.

    1. InMotion: $39.99/month 
    2. A2 Hosting: $49.99/month
    3. iPage: $24.99/month
    4. HostPapa: $49.99/month
    5. DreamHost: $15.00/month
    Provider Site
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • A2 Hosting Coupon
    • One-click installer
    • DreamHost provides users with free SSL certificates

    Summing Up 

    The right hosting package ensures that your site stays active without losing any traffic due to downtime. It also keeps the site loading quickly and guarantees top security. This will ensure that the search engine index views it as a trustworthy URL.

    Before choosing the right host, check its reviews and facilities at data centers. Based on your needs, going for a VPS package could also be the right solution.